As vegans, healers, and most importantly people we started to notice that the way our lives were so rigidly compartmentalized was both troubling and damaging. We all worked in fields struggling to "help" people but were only expected to focus and heal "parts" of them -- as if one part could be healed when how that part was affected by and affecting the whole was ignored. We were also confronted with the stark consciousness about what most of us feel but not all of us name -- that our "whole selves" are also highly affected by the culture and world that we live. It flows in and out of us metaphorically/energetically through our communications/interactions and literally through our breath/consumption. It led us to the questions: How do we treat our parts if we don't treat our whole? How do we treat our whole if we don't treat our community and environment? And last but certainly not least, how do we treat our communities and environments if we don't treat how we communicate with them, interact with them, and consume them?


While we want to validate that there is some "bliss in ignorance" we maintain that not only will cultivating consciousness about our various and complex connections be better for our communities and environments but it will also be healing and integrating for us as individuals. Rather than a cycle of brokenness, pathology and lack we will create cycles of wholeness, wellness, and abundance. This space (Com|Passionate REVOLT) is us planting the seeds we can offer to nurture the growth of this cycle. It is a space for resources both remotely and in person through our different healing practices as well as what we hope is the start of a community conversation. It's a case study, an exploration of our beliefs about consciousness, connectedness, and consistency as we've come to know them. It is a movement, a REVOLT, a space that refuses the cultural message that we must fight for resources and that empathy for others is a weakness. It maintains that passionate compassion on every level (for the environment, for our communities, for others, and for ourselves) can be a healing and powerful tool for change.

Com|Passionate REVOLT is...

a resource  + a movement + a conversation + a practice