Self Care

VDAY 2017.

A love letter because... why not...


Dear Loved Ones,

And you ARE LOVED. The year has been long, and it's only February! You might be weary, and that's okay. Your mental and emotional health may have been tested, and you may be in need of a little pep talk, a breath of gratitude, or just some good old fashioned TLC. 

I found this quote placard in an old post from when COM|PASSionate REVOLT was a wider collaborative community project. So much has shifted, changed, and evolved, but the messages that were left here still remain. They're this hodge podge of well worn love letters hidden in our communal queer family attic, and I'm so immensely grateful for every damn word. 

Each blog post was this wholehearted gift from it's contributor, a vulnerable offering of themselves, and commitment to show up and be present. Each project that went swimmingly, the playlists we curated together, the yoga practices where we ended up giving each other high fives in between asanas because there were too many of us for the tiny practice spaces we filled, the tarot spreads that had more truth than we were ready for, and even the groups, events, and series that never quite got off the ground were these immaculate works of art and intention in of themselves-- finished even as they were works in progress. 

So wherever you find yourself on this fourteenth day of February in the year twenty seventeen, take a breath to nurture your whole perfect heart, and know that is so much more than enough. Your life is the narrative of epic tales and heroic homecomings-- even if it's unclear exactly where you are in your plot line. 

One day we're going to pull this old letter out and flatten out the corners. We're going to have to squint to read the words that have gotten lost in the folds of time. We may even struggle to recognize ourselves in the handwriting. Were we the sender or the receiver? Still it won't matter because we're going to know that we are in the presence of greatness. An expression and subject of love is always a thing of greatness.

Thank you for showing up and walking with me. 

Happy VDAY,


**I couldn't attach message hearts to this blog post so please accept around an hour of a "Life in Pink." The whole class gets one.** 

The Pivot: Therapy

Hey friends! We're so excited to debut a new blog series! Please, welcome Ky Anderson and The Pivot to the




The Pivot

A mid-week turning point, an idea that levels you out, gives you something to chew on, and propels you into the weekend. For me the weekend means work, and Wednesday is a respite from the hustle of my day job, a day to get work done, whether that work is chores, self care, research, or personal breakthroughs.


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This week I started therapy. It's not my first attempt; however, it is the first time I have been engaged with the process. Unsurprisingly, knowing the issues I need to address (rather than self-shaming myself into therapy as I have before) is tremendously helpful.  

I had been promising myself I would start this process for the better part of a year. The thing about waiting for the right time is that it is ultimately an avoidance tactic. I have been ready to deal with my stuff for a while. Naturally, I found flaws with each candidate I researched and quickly distracted myself with other people--dates, romantic interests, friends, et al. Their strengths bolstered me to a place where I felt I was generally fine. Maybe not great, but ok. I was surviving, but not thriving.

People enter therapy for different reasons. Each time a relationship ended, career path stalled, etc, I’d tell myself, “Now is the time to get to the root of why I keep playing the same records on repeat--now I can figure out why I am how I am.” I want to be better--at communicating, at managing anxiety and stress, at navigating gender issues, at dealing with past traumas, at confronting relationship dynamics. I want to get unstuck from the morass I am trudging through.

I felt simultaneously emboldened and fragile in that first session. It motivated me to purchase "More Than Two.” I devoured it. The accompanying site I explored hinted at the depth of understanding I might glean from the volume and, naturally, I needed all the answers. Still new-ish to poly, I directed myself straight to the chapters on communication, underlining and mentally noting precisely what I intended to bring up to one of my partners the following day. I was nervous/excited for the opportunity for us both to grow.

Well, I never got that chance. The next day my heart was returned to me along with a few personal effects and a cup of over-steeped mint tea. So it goes.

The mere fact that I recognize the emotions I’m feeling as they come and go is a testament to the emotional work I accomplished in the past year. I designed my community to be expansive, supportive and nurturing. Somehow I am still surprised by and in awe of these beautiful people I include in my life, appreciative for the opportunities they afford me to grow and consider new perspectives. And I am grateful for the chance to experience love that nurtured, challenged and pushed me to grow. There are a few things I would have changed, but the experience ultimately changed me and I regret very little. It is a fact that I loved deeply, entrusted my vulnerable heart in their hesitant hands, endured rejection, and lived through the experience. That’s a lot of living for five months. This blog is a path to my own wellness, a challenge to keep me accountable to my own self care. The uniqueness of a blog developed  specifically for queer wellness is that it intentionally expands the conversations we have beyond the screen and pushes us to transform this awareness into a practice.

Maybe you practice yoga to heal. Maybe you pull tarot to find direction through an impasse. Maybe you craft a playlist to get you through the most challenging moments. We tell ourselves stories--through poses, through readings, through music, through experiences--in order to live. Whatever your process, this is the space to share it.

This story is my pivot--one of many I choose to share with you as part of my chosen community. This space is a gift intentionally developed for us to connect in our vastly diverse truths and share in the healing that facilitates. What I pen in this space is my lived experience and the ideas that emerge from them. These fractures we endure encourage healing in ways one can never quite predict. What is a wellness site for queers if it cannot help mend and uplift us in a time of immense need? This is what we are here for. Let’s get to work.

See you soon,Ky


Ky (they/them/theirs)

is a genderqueer, intersectional feminist writer who perseveres to impose positive change on a personal and professional level. They live, work, and play in LA. The Wednesday Pivot is their attempt to put their ideas and challenges on the table to connect with a broader community of wellness- and growth-minded folks.

COM|PASSionate Events

Morning, dear community! Is everyone enjoying the brisk Fall chill? We're still reveling in it... and by reveling we mean hibernating. Have we mentioned how much we're in support of the occasional seasonal hibernation?

Sure, it's important to get out and run and play and breathe deep but never underestimate the healing power of a thick comforter, a hot cup of tea, and a good book. Know, that whether or not you get out of bed and move through a super productive day that you're always in a new moment of transformation. Have faith that whether or not you mark off a giant to do list you're already winning at moving through a season change.

Let the Fall renew you. Open your eyes. Full steam ahead.


Check out what's going on if you need a break from your well deserved hibernation! 


Get out, take care of yourself and heal in community!



Don't forget there's lots of upcoming ways to get involved!

  • New exciting classes and groups coming to the COM|PASSionate REVOLT Community! Stay tuned!
  • Also, we're excited to be having some new blogging in the works... The Pivot will be starting on Wednesdays soon to get you through midweek!


Enjoy the Hibernation,

The COM|PASSionate REVOLT Community<3


*Events are put on by the CR Community/CR Community members. Other events are by friends of the CR Community or of interest to the CR Community. Feeling a little nervous about getting out and involved? Email us and if we can we'll make some introductions so you have a friendly face to say "Hi" to when you get there!

**Most of these events will be local to Southern CA (unless we notice an event that sets us off into road trip dreamland.) If you want to do a COM|PASSionate event round-up for your local area let us know!

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