Vday 2017

VDAY 2017.

A love letter because... why not...


Dear Loved Ones,

And you ARE LOVED. The year has been long, and it's only February! You might be weary, and that's okay. Your mental and emotional health may have been tested, and you may be in need of a little pep talk, a breath of gratitude, or just some good old fashioned TLC. 

I found this quote placard in an old post from when COM|PASSionate REVOLT was a wider collaborative community project. So much has shifted, changed, and evolved, but the messages that were left here still remain. They're this hodge podge of well worn love letters hidden in our communal queer family attic, and I'm so immensely grateful for every damn word. 

Each blog post was this wholehearted gift from it's contributor, a vulnerable offering of themselves, and commitment to show up and be present. Each project that went swimmingly, the playlists we curated together, the yoga practices where we ended up giving each other high fives in between asanas because there were too many of us for the tiny practice spaces we filled, the tarot spreads that had more truth than we were ready for, and even the groups, events, and series that never quite got off the ground were these immaculate works of art and intention in of themselves-- finished even as they were works in progress. 

So wherever you find yourself on this fourteenth day of February in the year twenty seventeen, take a breath to nurture your whole perfect heart, and know that is so much more than enough. Your life is the narrative of epic tales and heroic homecomings-- even if it's unclear exactly where you are in your plot line. 

One day we're going to pull this old letter out and flatten out the corners. We're going to have to squint to read the words that have gotten lost in the folds of time. We may even struggle to recognize ourselves in the handwriting. Were we the sender or the receiver? Still it won't matter because we're going to know that we are in the presence of greatness. An expression and subject of love is always a thing of greatness.

Thank you for showing up and walking with me. 

Happy VDAY,


**I couldn't attach message hearts to this blog post so please accept around an hour of a "Life in Pink." The whole class gets one.**