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Dating and Sex After Trauma

“In touch with the erotic, I become less willing to accept powerlessness, or those other supplied states of being which are not native to me, such as resignation, despair, self-effacement, depression, self-denial.” - Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power, Sister Outsider

Do you struggle to build and create nurturing relationships, or struggle to trust them once they’re established? Has it ever been hard to stay present during sex or are there things your lover does that incite terror or rage for seemingly no particular reason?

Has it been challenging to practice clear consent with yourself, or communicate your needs and boundaries to a partner? Do you have a lurking suspicion you don’t deserve the enjoyment of sexuality and connection?

Trauma can literally change our physiology in ways that make our bodies and brains believe that we are living in the past. It organizes our lives from a place of defense and survival, and relinquishes our right to joy and thriving.

If you’re a survivor, this webinar will help you start to untangle the complicated effects of trauma on your sexual wellness and relationships. It will give you a framework for using triggers as guideposts rather than stop signs on the road to healing.

If you are dating a survivor, this webinar will offer insight into how to support your partner’s healing without taking responsibility for the causes of it. And if you are both survivor and ally, having found a loving reflection in this sometimes challenging world, you will leave this webinar ready to start building intimacy from a place of healthy differentiation.

The work of healing from trauma to reclaim our right to pleasure in our bodies and connection in our relationships is complicated, yet profound. Nurturing our ability to engage in a safe and empowering way with dating and sex can be both the agent of change in our healing and a symbol of the healing itself.

Live Webinar Date:

Tuesday, May 22th
 12:30 PST/3:30PM EST, 90 min

If you can't make the the live session, this webinar will also be
recorded and available on-demand so you can access it anytime.