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Trans* Conference 2016: "The Talk"
to Feb 27

Trans* Conference 2016: "The Talk"

I'm very excited to be presenting on the "Coming Out" process at this year's Trans* Conference at UC Riverside! 

"The Talk"

The "Coming Out" process has been picked up by media, television, and social justice campaigns. Documentaries and tell-all stories boasting the courageous nature of flying out of the closet are at our fingertips (and computer screens). While reflections of our stories are helpful, it can sometimes distract from the fact that the "Coming Out" process is a highly intimate, vulnerable, and functional process of how we take care of ourselves and build our support networks. This workshop will help participants clarify their needs/wants in coming out to different folks in their lives around gender identity and how to clearly articulate the pieces of their identity they are ready to disclose. 

Please note: This is a closed space for people who are Trans, Non-Binary, or Gender-Questioning.

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