Com|Passionate Trainings + Consultation


We are experienced in facilitating trainings and workshops to promote institutionalized wellness and compassion.

We specialize in addressing LGBTQ issues and more specifically are particularly experienced in discussions of queerness, transgender identities, and intersections of race, socioeconomic status, and other experiences that effect power and privilege.

Previous trainings and workshops have included:

LGBTQ Affirming Care Best Practices 

LGBTQ 101 (as well as LGBTQ Youth 101) 

LGBTQ Equality on Campus

Gender Privilege + Heteronormativity

The Intersectionality of Power + Privilege In Psychotherapy... and more.

Trainings have taken place at: High schools, college classrooms, community centers and businesses.

Trainings have been provided for: Therapists, youth and community groups, medical and support service providers, employees and employers.

Know of an organization, school or business that would like to be more competent, aware, affirming and safe?  Contact us!

(Although trainings are most ideal in person, we also offer certain sessions over Skype if needed)

For more information on individual trainings and consultations or mental health focused trainings and consultations feel free to view offerings through COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing.