Internet Offerings

The internet is a wild well documented terrain full of beauty, and wonder, education, misinformation and bullying... just like the rest of our worlds. Below we'll list some of the brighter spots of uncategorized internet bliss because sometimes a cat video is the most healing thing you can encounter. Play and explore at your own risk. 

Calming Manatee

Because sometimes days are long and rough.

Confessions of an Uneducated Queer / Andrea Gibson Proposal

A YouTube video of Lauren Zuniga, spoken word poet, activist and teaching artist, performing at the Vancouver Poetry Slam. It will probably make you cry. So after you watch it go watch this video of Andrea Gibson proposing to Lauren Zuniga. It's everything. 

Self-Care Kit Tumblr

A tumblr based tool kit for all your self-care needs. 

You Are Fucking Majestic Tumblr

Because sometimes we all need a reminder. 




All of our resource lists are growing and evolving as our communities continue to grow, evolve and heal themselves. Send forth any recommendations to add to these pages through our Contact Page.