Mental Health Resources/Services

There are so many factors (internal and external) affecting our mental health at any moment. The world of mental health as it stands is stuck in a model of "mental illness" that assumes that all brokenness and pathology lies internally and that we need external assistance to rid ourselves of it. We believe that much of what we label "illness" and "dysfunction" are actually appropriate reactions to inappropriate situations and that medicine needed to heal doesn't always have to be "prescribed." Here we'll list resources that support our mental health. Some of the resources assist in our finding of healers that resonate, there are guided and unguided resources, some are formally recognized and others are a bit more alternative. Become a conscious consumer of what feels like a good fit for you. We are really fortunate to know some amazing folks doing, in our experience, really good work. We didn't want to exclude them just because we know them but we'll make sure to note the folks who come via personal recommendations/connections.

COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing

COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing is the private Mind/Body practice website for Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Registered Yoga Teacher, Traci Medeiros-Bagan. Traci is part of the COM|PASSionate REVOLT core team and is proud to serve the COM|PASSionate REVOLT community through feminist psychotherapy for gender and sexual minorities (including LGBTQ, Non-Monogamous, Kink individuals), consultations/educational workshops on gender identity and sexual orientation journeys and mind/body healing services.

Dreams and Zines

The work of Cameron Moore on radical mental health healing and alternative for queer folks. Also, see the Dreams and Zine Tumblr and the DSM Alternative Zine.

The Icarus Project

A community based network of folks expressing and connecting over their experiences of living with the gifts and eccentricities that often get coded as "Mental Illness." A safe and affirming space where conversations about healing are happening and accessible. 

Kaeti Gugiu Therapy

Kaeti Gugiu is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Dreamworker in Long Beach, CA. Kaeti is a COM|PASSionate REVOLUTIONARY Friend and regular contributor to the COM|PASSionate REVOLT Blog through her regular series Tarot Tuesdays and Dreamboat

Mad in America

A collection of writing and resources from providers and consumers rethinking psychiatric care in the United States.

Maryam Rasouli Counseling

Maryam is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT#84366.) She has worked in varying organizations dealing with issues of trauma, abuse, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, premarital and marital matters, has provided school counseling services and counseling and case management services to immigrants and newly arrived refugees. Maryam is fluent in Farsi and Dari and is conversational in Urdu. You can reach Maryam at 657-201-7508 or email her at

Open Minded Health

A website devoted to covering health news, information and resources for gender and sexual minorities. It is run by Rose Lovell a medical student at Frank H Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University, in the class of 2018. 

Psychology Today

Psychology Today publishes a hard copy magazine as well as a plethora of information via blogs/articles. It also has a comprehensive listing of mental health professionals. Remember profiles are created by the users. Contact providers that resonate with your needs and don't be afraid to interview THEM!

Queer Mental Health

An online peer support community/website for LGBTQI folks living with mental health challenges. P.S. They're looking for writers! Go get involved, share your story and break the silence!

Stay Here With Me

Stay Here With Me is a suicide prevention website created by Andrea Gibson, spoken word artist and activist, and Kelsey Gibb, qualified mental health professional, past tour manager, brand proxy for Vaute Couture and seemingly all around rad human being. The website seeks to validate our stories of struggle and heal through sharing and art. If you're in need of a virtual, "me too! me too!" head over and read where Stay Here With Me's namesake comes from-- The Madness Vase/The Nutritionist-- better yet go watch Andrea perform it on YouTube.


All of our resource lists are growing and evolving as our communities continue to grow, evolve and heal themselves. Send forth any recommendations to add to these pages through our Contact Page.