This survival handbook is 20 pages worth of information, activities, and encouragement for your coming out talk or supporting the coming out talk of a client or loved one! It will help you get clear, set boundaries, and communicate your most authentic self! 

If you need in person support around your personal journey or becoming a trans* affirming clinician, please visit the services page!

Looking for the course textbook for the FREE Queer University course Sharing the Good News?! This is it! 

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Hey  there! So glad you think The NOT So Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook might be helpful! 

Confused about the pricing?! See chart below:

Single Copy: This is a single hard copy of the handbook mailed to you first class!

Friends + Family: This includes 5 hard copies of the handbook to share with your closest loved ones and unicorns.

Online Introvert: This is a digital version of the handbook for personal use. 

Online Activist: This is a digital version of the handbook to share at large! Please, send to individuals that might find it helpful and link back here from your website/social media. 

Community Pack: This includes 10 hard copies of that handbook for your classroom, office, resource center, or local coffee shop mailed to you priority! 


  • How do you know if I'm using this on my own, copying it, or sharing it digitally? 
    • I don't! These are anti-copyright! This means that if someone really needs one and can't afford it, please share it with them! 
  • Why do you have different pricing if this publication is anti-copyright?
    • These handbooks took time to build, money to print and ship, and are given out freely when needed. I run my practice and this store on a sliding scale/need basis. This means that if someone can afford goods/services it helps someone that can't afford goods/services. Think of it as a rolling ball of queer unicorn karma. Do what you can and never hesitate to ask if you can't. 
  • I'm looking for the textbook for my Queer University course: Sharing the Good News.
    • FOUND IT! 
  • When will it ship/will I receive my digital copy?
    • Your handbook will be shipped/emailed within the week (most times sooner)! I'll let you know when it's zooming your way!