Gender + Sexuality Resources/Services

Gender and sexuality are a central part of our lives and identities that affect how we view ourselves, how the world views us and how we interact with the world. Gender and sexuality often comes wrapped in rigid shaming structures that do not support our health and well being in positive ways but rather echoes the many times we, as marginalized communities have heard, "you're wrong, bad, different, etc." The following collection of resources/links are a mash-up of educational information, how to's, insightful reflections, interesting voices and confused pondering on these complicated issues. We are really fortunate to know some amazing folks doing, in our experience, really good work. We didn't want to exclude them just because we know them but we'll make sure to note the folks who come via personal recommendations/connections. 


A website bringing a celebration of "beauty in ambiguity." Genderfork is a community for identities across the spectrum. Have this queerness thing down, don't understand about this healing we keep squawking about and want to look fabulous? Check out Genderfork creators' new project GenderPlayful

Open Minded Health

A website devoted to covering health news, information and resources for gender and sexual minorities. It is run by Rose Lovell a medical student at Frank H Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University, in the class of 2018. 


Scarleteen boasts that it is "Sex-ed for the real world: Inclusive, comprehensive and smart sexuality information and help for teens and 20s." We would agree- except we'd argue that (while targeted to teens/young adults) they have pretty good information for EVERYONE!

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

A resource guide written by AND for the transgender community! 

Transgender Law Center

Legal support to help folks live their most authentic lives. 

WPATH- World Professional Association for Transgender Health

An international and multidisciplinary organization for the health and well being of transgender individuals. 


All of our resource lists are growing and evolving as our communities continue to grow, evolve and heal themselves. Send forth any recommendations to add to these pages through our Contact Page.