Com|Passionate REVOLT Yoga... 

Compassionate REVOLT Yoga is a mindfully, socially engaged, and non-dogmatic Hatha Yoga practice. Physical movement/postures/breath are used as a road map to deeper consciousness as well as valued as a significant relationship in and of itself. Each COM|PASSionate REVOLT Yoga facilitator brings something unique to the yogis and spaces in which they practice. 

Traci's practice values the use of energetically informed and musically complimented asana practice to gain insight into one's internal mind/body connection. You can read more about Traci and her other healing practices here: COM|PASSionate REVOLT Healing.

Patrick's classes are enhanced by his background and knowledge base in physical therapy to tune students into alignment that is safe and effective for their bodies.

Skye accompanies Traci's classes, when possible, with live acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano to sink classes into their internal vibration. You can read more about Skye's musical healing practice and offerings here: Acoustic COM|PASSion.

Group classes and individual instruction are aimed to meet individuals where they are at (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and invite them to be active participants in the development of their own unique and personal practice. COM|PASSionate REVOLT Yoga is a practice and a lifestyle. It reaches far beyond the walls of any studio and aims to be accessible to ANYONE and EVERYONE. Com|Passionate REVOLT Yoga is currently taught at other pre-existing studios (and thus within those studios physical space/pay structures), however, it aims to one day be shared completely through donation, trade, and gift economies. It also aims to be taught in a way that practitioners feel empowered to explore, learn, grow, and share their practice by themselves and within their own communities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, would like to come and practice with us or if you're interested in helping us bring more donation based, outdoor and live music accompanied yoga to your local community!

STUDIOS offering COM|PASSionate REVOLT Yoga

Deep Dog Yoga, Yorba Linda

Full Circle Yoga, Yorba Linda